The drawings of Tim De Vocht (°1980) are precise improvisations, created for and to music. 

Since the beginning of his career, Tim has been experimenting with different kinds of materials (collage, charcoal, ballpoint pen, pencil). He kept on returning to the directness of a pen stroke, a charcoal tracing, a pencil line.

How to conserve drawings, when ballpoint pen ink fades after a couple of years? Influenced by his job at KIK IRPA, Tim specialized in photographing, reproducing and conserving works of art on paper.

Beat Suites is the synthesis of both passions: the pencil drawings are the negatives of the final product. Tim has developed and perfected a specific carbon printing technique, to reproduce limited series of the 99 Beat Suites drawings. The resulting prints capture the tactility and the mood of the drawings perfectly.

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